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Some days I feel like I look like the girl on the left, 210+lbs and hating myself (not often). Putting these together reminds me of how much I have achieved and how far I have come. From chicken nugget eating couch potato to running races for fun and wearing size 10 dresses is just insane. 

I often can’t comprehend it but please know it’s possible. I dreamt to have a before and after on this website and I used to get so pissed off believing I couldn’t be that girl.

You can absolutely do it, if I can, anyone can




People trying to lose weight or starting in #fitness: let me tell you something #elliptical machines for #cardio are #bullshit. Get on a #treadmill and #workout for real!!!

Did you really snap this photo at the gym just so that you could make fun of these people? You do not have the right to take pictures of strangers and post them online without permission. Nor do you have the right to demean and devalue another person’s chosen workout. You do not know their medical history, their goals, their abilities or their intents.

Elliptical machines offer a huge amount of benefits that a treadmill does not. An elliptical is typically less stressful on the knees, hips and back. The handles allow additional balance and support for those who wish/need to include their arms in the exercise. The ability to pedal in reverse gives an additional opportunity to workout your calves and hamstrings. It has even been scientifically shown that people exert more effort on an elliptical than they perceive, meaning that an easy elliptical workout is more intense than the exerciser may think.

If someone is working out to the best of their ability and they are enjoying their time in the gym, then they are working out “for real.” It isn’t your place to belittle their effort. 

Thank you. Since I messed up my knee, I’ve tried going on a treadmill only to end in me *limping* because of the stress on my knee.

Does it get your HR up? Then it’s cardio. Simple as that.

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